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☆☆ Disneyland, Where Dreams Come True ☆☆

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☆☆ Disneyland, Where Dreams Come True ☆☆

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OMG, FINALLY! I wish the premiere date wasn’t so damn far away but finally we got SOMETHING! <3 <3

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With a dreamy far-off look and her nose stuck in a book…

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Hi yes, can I buy all the paintings?

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You were my new dream

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Forgotten Children Film Chronicles:
6/???: Brother Bear

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Disney Villains Week » Day One: Favorite Underrated Villain

Kaa from The Jungle Book.

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Disney Fade Out

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Princess Eilonwy just joined my Disney Ohana! :D

Follow her here

Join my Disney-ohana here!

Join my fandom family here!

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Disney Puzzles: Minnie Mouse:)

I adore this!

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Disney ladies + Mirrors

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Putting a dinosaur does not make up for it Google Chrome

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