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My reactions to TVD 4x14

Damon and Vaughn scenes

Klaus enjoying that Tyler and Caroline needs his help

Professor Shane

Stefan and Elena being friends

There’s only one dose of the cure


Klaus telling Rebekah that there is only one dose of the cure

Elena telling Rebekah to leave the map behind

Stefan standing up for Rebekah again

Stefan wants to give the cure to Elena

Rebekah breaking Stefan’s neck

Bonnie and Jeremy leaving Shane 

Elena realizing she wouldn’t be the person she was if she became human again

Elena wanting to get the cure for Klaus

Caroline and Klaus “We’re the same”

Klaus giving Tyler a head start for Caroline’s sake

Damon letting Stefan go to help Elena find the cure

Forwood break-up

Stefan leaving Shane

They have to wake Silas to get the cure

Rebekah saying nice things to Damon

Vaughn stabbing Bonnie

Klaroline “It was all for you”

"Elena"(Katherine) not giving a f*ck about Bonnie

Realizing it’s Katherine

Katherine takes the cure and runs off

Silas kills Jeremy??

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